Aventurine Silver Double Cross Crystal Necklace Micro-Inlaid Emerald Zircon Charm

Aventurine Silver Double Cross Crystal Necklace Micro-Inlaid Emerald Zircon Charm
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Aventurine Silver Double Cross Crystal Necklace Micro-Inlaid Emerald Zircon Charm - Valentine Wedding Mother's Day Father's Day Birthday Christening Gift

Joy Stone Mr. Cross Collection

This sterling silver double Cross Necklace features Aventurine cross pendant plus micro-inlaid Emerald Zircon Cross charm.

The length of chain approx. 45 cm, to wear it as a sexy clavicle chain necklace, that help you show off your personal style and look your best on every occasion.

Timeless and trendy, chic silver Jewelry. They are chosen to be comfortable to wear and also because the quality of the materials is regarded as the highest quality for the price.

The stylish natural crystal cross pendant with micro-inlaid zircon cross charm necklace, is chosen to be comfortable to wear for day to day, for work place elegance.
Dashing Accessories for both leisure and formal Occasions. A beautiful way to feel good about yourself inside and out, this exquisite necklace also makes an extraordinary gift on Valentine, Graduation Day, Birthday, Anniversary, Christmas etc.
Suits for Women and Men of All Ages.

Product Name Silver Double Cross Necklace Aventurine Crystal plus Micro-Inlaid Emerald Zircon Pendant (Mr. Cross Collection) 

Chain Specification

Size(±2mm)    approx. 45cm, flat snake chain, width 1*2mm, very sexy and fashion

Material     sterling silver

Cross Pendant

Material     natural crystal

Size  16mmx11.5mmx5mm

Color Aventurine

Zircon Cross Charm

Material     Sterling Silver

Size  approx. 12.5x7mm

Color  micro-inlaid emerald zircon

Design in/Made in Taiwan

Packaging  1 pc with tag/in bubble wrap

1.Apply with a soft cloth and wipe off dirt with a soft cleaning cloth for general cleaning. After not wearing them, always return them to your place of storage.

2. Do NOT wear them while in a sauna or other humid location, means that it may be worn.

3.Be careful not to pull your necklace too hard when worn daily, to prevent it getting caught by clothing or other accessories.


1.★Due to the nature of the computer display, the actual colors may look different.


The design sources for this Cross Collection focusing on sparkling natural crystal Cross pendant, with Sterling Silver micro-inlaid Zircon cross pendant, as well as sterling silver Chain, dazzling in its simplicity, that express a sense of simplicity and character of each.

The Mr. Cross Collection makes its debut for the feast of Joy's Party. We use natural stones, silver and alloy, showcased in a glamorous and gorgeousness design of pendants. The cross is a totem and a faith. The designer hopes to express the idea of peace and joy through jewelry design.