Doe-eyed Owl 925 Silver Necklace Zircon Pendant Platinum-Clad

Doe-eyed Owl 925 Silver Necklace Zircon Pendant Platinum-Clad
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925 Silver Necklace Owl Pendant Platinum-Clad Le Petit Mino

Owls in the Forest Series (Doe-eyed)

  Spanish legend has it that the Owl was once the sweetest of singers, until it saw Jesus crucified. Ever since it has shunned daylight and only repeats the words 'cruz, cruz' ('cross, cross').

Le Petit Mino's 925 Silver Jewelry Design Idea

The design sources for sterling silver series focusing on the images of Owl, Snowflake, Oak Leaf, Olive Leaf, Cedar Leaf, Nest, Cross, Love, Faith, Angel, Starfish, Dolphin, Planet, Sun, Love Heart and so on.  Timeless and trendy, chic silver Jewelry. They are chosen to be comfortable to wear and also because the quality of the materials is regarded as the highest quality for the price.


1.This necklace has an adjustable extended chain with ternary form design, chain width approx. 0.1 cm. You can wear the necklace that allows you to adjust the length best suited to your needs.

2.Adjust the length of chain to shortest: approx. 40 cm, then wear it as a sexy clavicle chain necklace.

3.Adjust the length of chain to longest: approx.46 cm, then wear it as a standard necklace that help you show off your personal style and look your best on every occasion.

4.Platinum-clad sterling silver jewelry isn't easily tarnished or discolored and, as it ages, it develops a beautiful sheen.

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Product Name 925 Silver Necklace Owl Pendant Platinum-Clad Le Petit Mino  Owls in the Forest  Series (Doe-eyed)

Designed in / Made in   Designed in Taiwan. Made in China

Material Sterling Silver / Platinum-Clad, Zircon

Pendant Size 2 x 1cm approx.

Weight 5g approx.

Premium 1 Piece/Exquisite gift box


1.Apply with a soft cloth and wipe off dirt with a soft cleaning cloth for general cleaning. After not wearing them, always return them to your place of storage.

2.Do NOT wear them while in a sauna or other humid location, means that it may be worn.


Due to the nature of the computer display, the actual colors may look different.

Owls in the Forest  Series Intro

Just to show you what members of Le Petit Mino's series looks like.