Diffuser Cross Bookmarks Needlefelting Roundy Charm Colors Option

Diffuser Cross Bookmarks Needlefelting Roundy Charm Colors Option
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Diffuser Needlefelting Roundy Cross Charm Bookmarks Colors Option


Green Roundy White Cross, Green Roundy Green Cross, Blue Roundy White Cross, Yellow Roundy Yellow Cross


The cross charm bookmark features the natural material includes cross-shaped natural stone, a handmade woolen felt hanging strap and faux suede leather chain.

It is suitable to use while reading the spiritual enrichment books. 

Adding a few drops of perfume and/or essential oil to the diffuser bookmark, then allowing the fragrance to fill the air gradually.


♥Charm Specification

Needle Felting Handmade, gradient color. Color options: Green, Blue, Yellow

Blue Roundy White Cross


Green Roundy White Cross

Yellow Roundy Yellow Cross


Green Roundy Green Cross


Colored Stone Cross Charm plessite cross, natural surface texture, 2.2 x 3 cm approx., Random color delivery.

♥Chain Specification faux suede leather chain, chain Length: 25-28 cm, black or brown color, Random Color Delivery. 

Designed in / Made in Taiwan.



1. Use neutral detergents, hand wash, dry in shade. DO NOT WRING. DO NOT IRON.



Due to the nature of the computer display, the actual colors may look different.



Different materials and techniques were adopted by the skillful talent through the use of stones, wooden chips, woolen felt, plastic and imitation suede to show a diversified range of bookmark styles. Three design styles are currently available: cross-shaped roundy bookmark, cute little animal bookmark, and handmade playful bookmark. Among them, the cross-shaped roundy bookmark is made of an faux suede round cord, dyed cross-shaped natural stone and a handmade woolen felt hanging strap. The cute little animal bookmark and handmade playful kid bookmark are made of lovely shaped animals, small wooden chips or natural materials to coordinate with colorful faux suede flat cords. They are ideal to use while reading.