Candy Cane Silver Beads Bracelet - Xmas Party Queen

Candy Cane Silver Beads Bracelet - Xmas Party Queen
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Silver Beads Bracelets Candy Cane Charm

JOYSTONE Xmas Party Queen Collection


The design idea of this piece is combined joyful Candy Cane dangle, with sparkling silver beads chain, dazzling in its simplicity, that express a sense of simplicity and character of each..

The silver beads bracelets are chosen to be comfortable to wear for day to day, for work place elegance.

A great playful addition to women's casual daytime wear, full of personality and sweetness.

Fitting for maximum wrist 16cm~18cm.

Silver Beads Chain Bracelet, timeless and trendy, help you show off your personal style.

Here are the gifts are perfect for yourself and/or someone special. Shop the bracelets for yourself and/or those close to you.

Product Name Xmas Party Queen Silver Beads Bracelets - Candy Cane - Pendant Options

Material Silver Beads Chain Bracelet, alloy charm

Pendants Pattern   Single Sided Pattern; Candy Cane

Size(±2mm) Maximum Wrist: 16cm~18cm

Packing Detail  1 pc with tag/in bubble wrap

Design in/Made in Taiwan

1. Do NOT wear them while in a sauna or other humid location, means that it may be worn.


1.★Due to the nature of the computer display, the actual colors may look different.

JOYSTONE's brand spirit is "Joy is All Around", which aims to bring the joy to everyone.

The creative design idea for Party Queen Collection shown through the dangles of Snowball, Snowflake, Pine Tree, Snowman, Candy Cane, etc., all of them are chosen related with Xmas Party to brighten everyone's day.